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Product Description

QMI V.M.E.R. - Volumetric Efficiency Restorer

One Tank Fuel System Cleaning


  • "One Tank Cleaning" from fuel tank to exhaust
  • State of the art deposit control technology
  • Independent Lab tests proven effective
  • Restores performance
  • Restores fuel economy
  • Reduces exhaust emissions
  • Restores driveability
  • Apply to all types of fuel

The Problem

Today’s precision tuned, close tolerance engines are more vulnerable to deposit problems, as engine technology improves to provide more power, better fuel economy and reduced emissions with less cylinder displacement. To achieve these improvement, today’s engines must operate with precision not known in yesterday’s engines. Today, small deposits can cause increasingly severe engine problems.

Your engine’s precision performance impacts your vehicle’s fuel economy, emissions, driveability and safety. As miles increase, accumulated fuel system deposit performance problems reduce your fuel economy, increase harmful exhaust emissions, decrease driveability and performance related safety, and can leave you stranded.

The Solution

Address your engine’s fuel system deposit problems by making QMI V.M.E.R. – Volumetric Efficiency Restorer – the key to your regular maintenance program.

QMI VMER “1 tank cleaner” is an extremely effective state of the art deposit control formula that quickly removes deposits throughout the fuel system, from the fuel tank to the exhaust. Powerful fuel system cleaning detergents and dispersants safely remove deposits on:

• Fuel tanks
• Fuel lines
• Fuel injectors
• Intake valves
• Combustion chambers

QMI V.M.E.R. provides long-term cleaning during complete fuel tank usage, restoring injector fuel flow and spray pattern to improve fuel burn efficiency and reduce emissions.

Cleanup restores engine performance for:

• Easier starting
• Reduced knocks and hesitation
• Improved power
• Restored fuel economy
• Reduced emissions

As QMI V.M.E.R. works to restore maximized fuel combustion efficiency, vehicle operators will frequently notice immediate benefits. And making QMI V.M.E.R. part of routine fuel system maintenance helps
avoid expensive repair costs.

Safe for sensitive materials and components, including oxygen sensors and catalytic converters.


Internal combustion engines, including gasoline, propane and natural gas fueled engines, reciprocating piston and rotary engines


Add one bottle of QMI V.M.E.R. to a full fuel tank, treats up to 20 gallons / 75 liters


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