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Unique Septic System Digester

  • Unique Septic System Digester

Product Description

Septic System Digester is a natural product, designed to eat and digest all of the organic solids in your septic tank and septic field. The bacteria in Septic System Digester has multiple enzymes to jump start the bacterial action. Here's how it works -
~~~The bacteria start growing when they are exposed to food and water. About every 30 minutes the bacteria split into 2 bacteria. When they do this they create an enzyme. The enzymes break the food down small enough for the bacteria to eat and digest. The bacteria turn the food into water and carbon dioxide. Then it goes into the septic field and soaks into the ground. This is a natural process, Nature's Way.


Septic Tanks:
~Initial Treatment: For new systems, use 4 ounces of Septic System Digester for each 1500 gallons of capacity. Mix into 2 gallons of warm water and flush through toilet furthest from tank.
~Re-Treatment: Each month use 2 ounces of Septic System Digester per 1000 gallons of capacity. Apply as above.

Septic Fields:
Treat with 1 quart (32 oz) Septic System Digester for small fields, 2 quarts for large fields. Mix with 1 gallon warm water, pour directly into septic tank if possible, or into drain nearest tank and run warm water for 5 to 10 minutes, letting septic tank overflow into septic field.

Cess Pools:
Treat same as septic tanks.

10,000 to 100,000 gallons, 1 quart to begin and one quart each week.

Drain maintenance:
(Including disposals, toilets, grease traps, etc) Septic System Digester performs best when it is allowed to work uninterrupted. Treat drains while they are not in use, such as just before bedtime. Whenever possible, run warm water (not hot) through the drain for 1 minute prior to application. Add 6 ounces of Septic System Digester directly into the drain opening. For maximum performance, do not use for 6 hours. Repeat application as necessary.

Garbage Disposals:
To help eliminate mal-odors in garbage disposals, run hot water thru disposal for 30 seconds. Turn off water then pour 4 ounces of Septic System Digester down drain. Best time is at bedtime, when not in use.

Laboratory Evaluation of Septic Additives:

Product Number of Bacteria per gram (or cc) Number of Bacteria per Container
Unique Septic System Digester 68,800,000 65 Billion!
Unique Super Digest-It Safe Drain Opener 68,800,000 65 Billion!
RID-X 1,500,000 680 Million
Roebic K-37 50,000 47 Million
FLUSH 10,000,000 9.5 Billion


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Safe yourself the time and hassle of digging up your septic tanks! Unique Septic System Digester is your all natural solution to keeping your tanks flowing smoothly and without odor. For more info visit www.uniquemm.com
  • Unique Septic ...
    Safe yourself the time and hassle of digging up your septic ta...

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