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PI Universal Stop Leak

  • PI Universal Stop Leak

Product Description

PI Universal Stop Leak

— Helps stop oil leaks, conditions and restores seals


• Helps stop oil leaks
• Fast acting
• Safe for all equipment
• Helps revive and restore aging seals
• Conditions seals against harsh operating conditions
• Helps prevent drying and hardening of seals
• Helps prevent shrinking, embrittlement and cracking of seals
• Excellent preventive maintenance
• Compatible with all oils
• Contains no harmful aromatic solvents or chlorine


The Problem

Dirty oil smudges in parking spaces tell a story—numerous engines suffer from oil leakage. An estimated 46% of vehicles leak fluids, with more than 50 million gallons leaked into the
U.S. environment. And the problem goes far beyond vehicles— all industries struggle with persistent oil leaks. The primary cause is deterioration of seals, as elastomer seal materials are often the first components affected by age, excessive heat and lubricant incompatibilities. As seals continue to shrink and harden, the oil leak problem grows worse. Left unchecked, oil seal leaks can destroy expensive equipment due to loss of lubricant.


High Costs

A study of oil consumption due to leaking seals in U.S. hydraulic systems, shows that, “... every year, the average plant uses four times more oil than its machines actually hold. ... Once a seal has failed and fluid leakage results ... the subsequent leaks go on and on and soon, plant operating and maintenance personnel accept the leakage as normal. This costs millions of dollars annually in external fluid wastage, unnecessary maintenance downtime and environmental damage.”* The cost factor persists throughout heavy industry’s gear boxes, compressors, engines and other equipment, increasing dramatically with more stringent environmental regulations.

Automotive engine oil leaks also persist because of postponed repairs due to the high cost of seal replacement. Many motorists ignore the problem, driving with leaking engines rather than pay for repairs.


The Solution

PI Universal Stop Leak provides the solution, promptly stopping oil leaks by restoring seal elasticity and gently increasing seal size to fill the leak causing gaps. PI Stop Leak's premium formula
contains no harmful aromatic solvents, which cause uncontrolled seal swelling and loss of elasticity. Designed for all lubricated equipment, ease of PI Stop Leak application provides
welcome relief for all who deal with existing oil leaks, prevention of oil leaks and ongoing system maintenance.


Conditions and Restores

PI Universal Stop Leak's revitalizing components go further to condition and restore deteriorated seals, while the “no aromatic solvents, no chlorine” formula protects against drying, shrinking, hardening, embrittlement and cracking.


Preventive Maintenance

PI Universal Stop Leak applications also provide effective preventative maintenance by preventing oil leaks before they occur. As heat and exposure to harsh operating conditions causes seals to deteriorate, all equipment over five years old can benefit from PI Stop Leak restoring properties. While seals typically do not last “forever,” PI Stop Leak can often avoid oil leak repairs, or postpone repairs until more conveniently scheduled.



Designed for engines, transmissions (manual and automatic), differentials, transfer cases, power steering units, gear boxes, hydraulic systems, compressors, pumps and other equipment, PI Universal Stop Leak is compatible with oil for all lubricated systems.



Add 3% of the total oil capacity to the oil.

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