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PI Air Tool Treatment

  • PI Air Tool Treatment with PTFE
  • QMI Air Tool Treatment 2 ounce
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Product Description

PI Air Tool Treatment with PTFE - Quart

Same Product as our PI Small Engine Treatment - Labeled for both

Air tools operate at extremely high RPMs with minimal lubricating fluid. The corrosive attack of moisture from compressed air causes cavitation of bearing and working surfaces. Gumming of blades and vanes result in reduced RPMs, loss of torque and expensive repair costs. Neglect and lack of regular lubrication can lead to premature air tool failure.

The solution to expensive air tool repair costs

PI Air Tool Treatment is designed to protect FRICTION surfaces. PTFE will fuse itself to these surfaces helping Extend Life! This substitute
surface is similar to “wet ice on wet ice” creating less heat and less friction.


Comparing QMI Air Tool Treatment with typical air tool lubricants


  QMI Air Tool Treatment Typical air tool lubricant
PTFE “treatment” applied only as needed by operator. Regular application required.
Slick, tough PTFE resin protection only lessened by abrasives. Lubrication frequently vulnerable to working conditions.
Moisture Completely resistant to hydrolysis, provides
barrier to moisture permeation.
Vulnerable to moisture permeation.
Corrosion Chemically inert, shields working surfaces
from corrosion, cavitation and premature
Vulnerable to moisture’s corrosive attack.
Inventory One product services all applications and
Specialty lubricants needed for specific
applications and conditions.

 Features / Benefits

  • PI Air Tool Treatment reduces heat ,wear, and friction.
  • PI Air Tool Treatment formula uses a heavy molecular weight PTFE making it more durable.
  • PI PTFE Treatment does not react to other chemicals because it is chemically inert.
  • PI formula fuses to the asperities of the metal easier because of the sub-micron particle size. (starting at .05)
  • PI bonding agents are designed to “fuse” the PTFE into the friction sur-faces.
  • PI “Increase—Decrease” PTFE is unique because when you increase load or add pressure friction is decreased.


Application / Directions

  • Apply through air inlet or oil plug. (Several Drops)
  • Operate tool immediately.
  • For sluggish tools: Apply adequate treatment to free gummed up vanes and blades, then RAISE the R.P.M. (Repeat if necessary).
  • PI Air Tool Treatment is compatible with all types of Air Tools.




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