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The PTFE Concept

QMI PTFE Treatment concept

QMI protects metal-to-metal friction surfaces with fused PTFE treatment, like "wet ice on wet ice", a substitute wear surface that reduces heat while increasing energy efficiency and prolonging life and trouble-free operation.  The PTFE treatment is permanently fused and chemically inert, providing protection against corrosive attack on vital parts and reducing wear as much as 50 to 90%.  Only dirt and other abrasives remove PTFE, therefore treatment usually lasts over 50,000 miles or 1,000 hours in typical use automotive engines and longer in over-the-road or stationary engines and industrial applications with less exposure to abrasives.

Safe, Effective Protection

QMI, a manufacturer committed to advanced PTFE treatment technology, provides PTFE that suspend easily in carrier oils and pass readily through standard filters.  Many years of product development efforts produced SX-6000, a metal preparation blending, suspension and bonding formula exclusive to QMI, with specialized PTFE especially chosen for higher tensile strength and greater fracture resistance.



Also, QMI PTFE treatments do not contain chlorine or other potentially harmful conponents and do not compormise oil characteristics or component critical tolerances.  QMI Engine Treatment is Sequence IIIE tested safe and effective, and meets engine manufacturers' warranty requirements.