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Fuel Burn Demo

In this demonstration we are showing you two different things.

1) We show you how each product removes water from your fuel system.  We have added equal parts of each fuel treatment with fuel and have also added 1ml of water with green food coloring in it so that it shows up. After the water is added, the beakers are agitated to mix the fuel, treatment, water combination.  In each case, you can see how the fuel treatment/additive has either removed the water, QMI, or has not removed it.  In the case of Heet, the fuel additive actually blended the water with the treatment, which is methanol, but did not remove it.  And it caused it to settle to the bottom of the tank, where you now have alcohol and water sitting in the bottom of your fuel tank causing rust and corrosion.

2) We show you how each product burns in a spoon and what the flash point is.  The lower the flash point the better, after all, we want our fuel and fuel treatment to burn in our combustion chamber.  You can see how each one burns and the residue left after the burn, which represents what is left in your combustion chamber.  We have taken a clean stainless steel spoon and added about 1 tablespoon of whichever fuel treatment.  Then we hold a small torch over the treatment to see how readily it ignites and then just let it burn out on its own.  This is done outdoors.  After the flame goes out, you can easily see what is left in the spoon, and that is representative of what is left in your combustion chamber.


Truthfully, when we finish with this test, we use QMI Fuel Treatment to clean all the carbon deposits out of the spoons to have them ready for the next time we do the demo.


FuelBurn Demo