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NRA News

Missouri: Call Your State Senator in Jefferson City Now!
Deeply flawed legislation that requires private membership organizations to disclose their members’ names has been introduced as Senate Bill 73.

Maine: Committee to Consider Campus Carry Legislation Next Week
On Monday, May 1, the Committee on Education and Cultural Affairs is scheduled to hold a public hearing on Legislative Document 1370.  Sponsored by state Representative Richard Cebra (R-Naples), LD 1370 would establish that colleges and universities in Maine cannot create policies to regulate or prohibit the lawful possession, carrying or transporting of firearms or ammunition.  Please contact members of the Education and Cultural Affairs Committee and urge them to support LD 1370! 

Trump returns to the NRA, which backed him early and often in 2016
President Trump’s appearance Friday before a convention of the National Rifle Association in Atlanta underscores the powerful role the gun rights group played in his election, providing critical support in battleground states and helping him score a crucial win in Pennsylvania, a new analysis shows.

NRA determined to turn major election wins into permanent gun rights for Americans
Gun rights backers need to make sure that election victories translate into action on Capitol Hill and expanded support in the states, the National Rifle Association’s legislative chief said Thursday, a day ahead of President Trump’s speech at the NRA’s annual convention.

Trump talks to NRA in Atlanta as Georgia debates guns on college campuses
The NRA kicks off its annual meeting in Atlanta at a time Georgia is in the middle of two hot debates — one over who will represent the state’s 6th Congressional District, and another on whether Republican Gov. Nathan Deal should sign a bill allowing registered gun owners to carry firearms on public college campuses.

Up Against NRA, Gun Control Advocates Still Voice Optimism
In the face of daunting presidential election results and a formidable NRA, the groups that stand in opposition to looser gun laws say they are ready to rumble.

Court Rules Cleveland Gun Offender Registry Is Invalid
An appeals court says Cleveland's registry of people who have committed crimes with guns is invalid because it conflicts with state law.

Texas: House panel weighs bill that would allow guns in school parking lots
House Bill 1692, filed by state Rep. Cole Hefner, R-Mt. Pleasant, would allow licensed individuals to store a firearm in a locked car that is parked in a school parking lot. The bill has 43 authors and co-authors, both Democrats and Republicans.

Virginia: Gov. McAuliffe vetoes bill to limit sharing of gun permit info
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has vetoed a bill that aims to prohibit officials from handing over information about concealed handgun permits to certain states.

Illinois: Senate Passes Legislation that will Close Gun Stores
Today, the Illinois Senate passed an amended version of Senate Bill 1657 by a 30-21 vote.  As amended, SB 1657 would exempt big box stores from its restrictions.

Oregon: Anti-Gun Bill Headed to Senate Floor for Vote
On Monday, May 1, Senate Bill 719 is scheduled for a Senate floor vote.  Based on a California law enacted in 2014, SB 719A would create a so-called “Extreme Risk Protection Order” (ERPO) that could be obtained by a law enforcement officer, family member, or household member in an ex parte hearing to deprive someone of their Second Amendment rights without due process of the law.  Please contact your state Senator and urge them to OPPOSE this bill!  

Update on Gun Bills in the Nevada Legislature
Tuesday, April 25, was the chamber of origin deadline, which means bills had to pass out of their chamber of origin in order to continue through the legislative process.  Below is an update on the pro- and anti-gun bills that are still moving through the Nevada Legislature.

West Virginia: Governor Signs Pro-Gun Bills into Law
Late yesterday, Governor Jim Justice signed two important pro-gun bills into law.

Armed neighbors detain apologetic burglar
A Dunnellon man this week kicked open the back door of a woman’s home, returned hours later to apologize but was then detained at gunpoint by neighbors, according to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. When a deputy arrived in the 18800 block of Southwest 31st Street in Ocala early Tuesday morning, three people were holding Anthony Talley at gunpoint. In the patrol cruiser on the way to jail, Talley told a deputy, “I had a really bad night last night,” according to a Sheriff’s Office report.

Homeowner fatally shoots burglar at his Little River home
A homeowner told investigators Wednesday that he shot a man who had broken into his Little River home, according to police. The fatal shooting happened just after noon Wednesday in the 7000 block of Northwest Fifth Place. Christopher Bess, a Miami police spokesman, said the man told police his home was being burglarized so he opened fire. The possible burglar was fatally wounded, police said. A woman who identified herself as living with the homeowner told WSVN7 that he was inside the home with his 3-year-old son, who alerted him to the burglar.

Illinois Action Needed: Anti-Gun Amendment Proposed to Dealer Licensing Legislation
Yesterday, an anti-gun amendment was proposed to the already outrageous dealer licensing legislation, Senate Bill 1657.

Trump to be first president since Reagan to personally address NRA convention
Gun rights activists rallied to candidate Donald Trump in ways unprecedented in modern politics, and as president Mr. Trump is about to repay them with a personal speech this week at the National Rifle Association’s annual convention.

NRA meeting draws 80,000 to Atlanta: A celebration of Second Amendment to take place at annual event
The National Rifle Association’s annual convention, Thursday through Sunday in downtown Atlanta, features an address by President Donald Trump, a concert by Hank Williams Jr. and 10 acres of firearms and shooting and hunting gear.

NRA’s work helps keep kids safe around guns
Amid the sound and fury of the heated national debate over gun rights, one important fact is often lost: accidental firearms deaths are at an all-time low. The chance of a child dying in a firearm accident is literally one in a million. Those figures from the National Center for Health Statistics illustrate how effective gun safety programs have been in recent decades. As a lifelong gun owner, mother, and firearms instructor, I can tell you that education is the key to preventing accidental shootings. I credit one program in particular for the record-low number of accidental shootings among children, the National Rifle Association’s Eddie Eagle GunSafe program. Over the past three decades, more than 29 million children have learned the basics of how to be safe around a firearm from Eddie Eagle.

Georgia welcomes NRA, stands with its ideals
As Americans across the country celebrate a rebirth of freedom, it is an honor to welcome the members of the National Rifle Association to Atlanta for their 146th annual celebration of our Second Amendment freedoms.

Pennsylvania: House OKs Bill to Aid Challenges to Local Gun Ordinances
The Pennsylvania state House wants to enable gun owners and groups such as the National Rifle Association to launch legal challenges to cities' firearms regulations.

Michigan: Calley Encourages Gun-Rights Activists at Michigan Capitol
Lt. Gov. Brian Calley says gun owners don't need a "good reason" to exercise their constitutional rights.Calley, who has signaled his 2018 run for governor, spoke at a Second Amendment rally at the Capitol Wednesday. He warned activists to not let gun-control advocates "drag you into having to create a justification to keep and bear arms."

New Jersey settles stun gun ban lawsuit
New Jersey has settled a lawsuit that would end the state’s ban on civilians buying stun guns.Under a consent decree approved by a federal judge on Tuesday, Attorney General Christopher Porrino conceded the state’s ban on electronic arms is unconstitutional. The state law defines a stun gun as “any weapon or other device which emits an electrical charge or current intended to temporarily or permanently disable a person.”