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NRA News

Pennsylvania: 2018 Legislative Session to Convene
Next week on January 22nd, the Pennsylvania General Assembly will begin the second year of the 2017-2018 legislative session.  Your NRA-ILA will pick up where we left off last year in advocating legislation to strengthen firearm preemption and repealing the Sunday hunting ban.  It is important that gun owners and sportsmen across the Keystone State continue to stay actively involved in these issues throughout 2018 to ensure the passage of pro-gun reforms and the defeat of anti-gun measures targeting your right to keep and bear arms.

Indiana: Rifle Hunting Bill Passes Senate
On Thursday, January 18th, Senate Bill 20 passed the Indiana state Senate by a vote of 47-2 and will now move to the House.  

Australia: Queensland’s Labor Party Government Targets MP for Gun Control Heresy
The sorry state of gun politics in Australia was put into stark relief recently, after Liberal National Party (LNP) Queensland Legislative Assembly MP Anthony Perrett took a principled stand in favor of his constituents’ gun rights.

Crossing the Line – Firearm Preemption Protection Under Attack
Gun control groups are fond of describing preemption as a doctrine whereby a state has stripped local governments of their power to regulate guns.

Arizona: Signature Gathering Underway For Hunting Ban Initiative
The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and their front-group “Arizonans for Wildlife” are currently gathering signatures for a ballot initiative that would ban the hunting and trapping of mountain lions and bobcats in the state.  This misguided initiative ignores the fact that hunting is a necessary tool used by the Arizona Game and Fish Department (AGFD) as part of their science-based, comprehensive game management plan.  Maintaining targeted predator populations across the state helps to ensure that prey populations, such as deer, bighorn sheep, and antelope are kept at healthy levels. 

Washington: Substitute Version of Gun Control Bill Passes House Committee
Yesterday, the House Judiciary Committee passed Substitute House Bill 1122 out of committee on a 7-6 vote.  This bill, which would require gun owners to lock up their firearms or potentially face criminal charges, will now head to the House floor to await full consideration.  It is critical you contact your state Representative and urge them to OPPOSE the Substitute for House Bill 1122!

New Jersey: 2018 Brings Bigger Challenges for New Jersey Gun Owners
A new Governor took the reins from Gov. Chris Christie this week, and a new Legislature has been sworn into office.