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3. QMI 3 Step Fuel System Cleaning Kit

  • QMI 3 Step Fuel System Cleaner with Throttle Body Spray
  • 3 Step Applicator
  • QMI 3 Step Fuel System Cleaner with Throttle Body Spray

Product Description


QMI 3-Step Applicator - (Can be used many times)

— Contains no alcohols or other harmful solvents, eliminating concerns about technicians’ health and    sensitive automotive components.

- See Presentation Below

— For professional use only.                             


The QMI complete 3 step fuel system cleaning kit helps eliminate rough idling, misfiring, power loss, pinging, knocking and engine run-on. Helps improve performance and fuel economy, and reduce emissions. QMI 3-Step Fuel System Cleaner cleans quickly, safely and effectively.


Can be used on all gasoline fueled piston engines, including engines with Multec and “pintle-less” injectors. It is oxygen sensor safe and can be used with “coated” intake components.  

Do not apply Induction Cleaner to rotary engines.

Products ................................... Benefits

Step 1—Fuel System Cleaner ............ A premium, high tech formula designed to clean the complete fuel system from the gas tank to the exhaust. This concentrated formula dissolves gum, varnish and carbon deposits. Highly effective detergents clean the fuel injectors or carburetor, intake valves and combustion chambers. Scavenges water from the fuel system. Lubricates injectors, valves, upper cylinders and rings, while improving combustion and reducing exhaust emissions.


Step 2—Throttle Body Air Intake Cleaner ..... Cleans the throttle body and throttle plate. Specially formulated triple-action cleaner for fast, effective removal of varnish, carbon, dirt and othercontaminants. Lubricates the throttle plate and all moving parts, and providesdouble protection with a corrosion inhibitor and lubricity agent in conjunction withlubricating oil to prevent scoring and deposit build-up on close tolerance compo-nents. Safe for sensitive materials and components. Ford intake manifold safe.Also safe for idle control valves and oxygen sensors.

Step 3—Induction Cleaner .................. A two-stage induction system cleaner. Quickly dissolves gum and varnish deposits from the intake manifold and runners, valves, pistons and combustion chambers. Residual cleaner continues to soften hard carbon deposits for more thorough, long-term cleaning. Lubricates while cleaning. Helps reduce build-up
in the catalytic converter and reduce exhaust emissions. This formula is safe for the vehicle, environment and technicians.


This presentation shows QMI 3 Step using the Oil System Conditioner, that is now available in our Ever-Wear 3 Step Fuel System Cleaner.  The QMI 3 Step now comes with Throttle Body Spray.

QMI 3-Step FSC Presentation

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