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2. QMI Oil System Cleaner

  • QMI Oil System Cleaner
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Product Description

QMI Oil System Cleaner

— Don't put clean oil in a dirty engine!


  • Safe, concentrated petroleum based crankcase
  • Quickly cleans oil system deposits and other
  • Suspending agents emulsify contaminates for oil drain
  • Lubricates and protects while cleaning
  • Helps free stuck piston rings to improve compression,
    reduce blow-by and excess oil consumption
  • Promotes a more complete drain of used oil, reduces
    contamination of new oil
  • Improves oil circulation

The Problem:

Normal engine operation produces combustion by-products including unburned fuel, water, sludge, varnish, salts and acids. Blow-by moves these contaminants into the engine crankcase, where they can cause lubrication and deposit accumulation problems.
And since oil changes don’t remove all contaminated fluid and deposits from the crankcase, new oil becomes contaminated immediately and increases deposit formation during the oil change interval.

The Solution:

QMI Oil System Cleaner circulates through the engine, where its concentrated oil based detergent action scours away gums, varnish and carbon deposits. Then suspending agents emulsify dirt and contaminates for safe removal from crankcase at oil drain.

  • Helps reduce oil consumption from restricted or blocked return oil drain channels in the cylinder head. If not addressed, this condition contributes to oil starvation and engine seizure.
  • Helps free sticky lifters and maintains good flow of lubricant throughout the engine.
  • Frees piston ring land deposits, reducing compression loss and blow-by.
  • Extreme pressure agents improve lubrication of critical areas and protect against loss of lubrication during cleaning.
  • Friction modifiers and extreme pressure agents lubricate and protect while cleaning.
  • Helps extend engine life by removing abrasive wear metal and dirt particles, reducing wear on engine working components, seals and o-rings.

Used as part of the vehicles regular oil system maintenance program, QMI Oil System Cleaner reduces the accumulation of deposits that can block oil lines and screens to inhibit engine lubrication and cause premature
engine failure.

“Don’t put clean oil in a dirty engine!”


Can be used in any crankcase application, both gas and diesel engines. Compatible with petroleum based, synthetic and ester oils.


Treats up to 5 quarts / 4.7 liters.
1. Add QMI Oil System Cleaner to full crankcase before oil change.
2. Idle engine for 4 - 6 minutes.
3. Drain crankcase while hot and remove oil filter.
4. Install new oil filter and refill crankcase with quality motor oil to vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation.
Note: Now you are putting clean oil in a clean engine

Usage Ratio

Automotive and light truck engine
– apply 12 ounce (354 ml) container
Larger or smaller engines
– 7% QMI Oil System Cleaner to crankcase oil capacity

Caution: Contains petroleum distillates. If swallowed,
do not induce vomiting. Call physician immediately.
Keep out of reach of children.

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