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1. QMI Fuel Treatment

  • PI Fuel System Cleaner 32 oz
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Product Description



Saves Injector Pumps / Improves Fuel Economy!

Excellent for Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel!

Good for all gasoline and diesel applications!

Description & Benefits

PI / QMI Fuel System Cleaner exceeds the benefits of many combined fuel treatments in one economical, easy-to-use product. By adding 1 ounce per 10 gallons of gas (2 oz. per 10 gal. of diesel), each quart treats up to 320 gallons of fuel and provides the following benefits:

  • Water scavengers permanently solubilize and micronize water into fuel by creating a hydrogen bond between water molecules and fuel molecules, thus converting water from a potential fuel system “problem” into a “combustion improver” by squelching hot spots in the combustion chamber.  Contains no alcohol or methanol.
  •  Detergents clean gums and varnishes from the fuel system and harmful deposits from fuel injectors, intake valves and the combustion chambers. Provides QMI’s unique 2-stage cleaning:
  1. Stage 1:   PI / QMI Fuel System Cleaner contains light volatiles (no alcohols) to quickly dissolve gum, varnish and resin deposits.
  2. Stage 2:  Hard "rock-like" carbon deposits are difficult to remove; therefore, PI / QMI Fuel System Cleaner also contains oil-based thermally stable components that survive engine operating temperatures, soaking into hard carbon deposits for long-term softening and removal by the flow of fuel, fuel vapors and combustion gases.
  • Top oils lubricate the injector pump, fuel injectors, valves, the upper cylinder area and top rings, and extends engine life by providing much needed protection. Aids maintenance of elasticity in seals and o-rings, reducing likelihood of dry, cracked and swollen seals and o-rings and related pump failure. Especially useful with unleaded fuels.
  • Combustion modifiers slow the fuel burn for more power, better vehicle mileage and less emissions (as shown by exhaust analysis). Excellent for industrial applications using diesel fuel, improves fuel quality and system performance. Ideal for boilers.
  • Works as a catalyst to enhance the completeness of the burn and reduce pinging.


The Need

A great need for comprehensive fuel treatment is created by unleaded gas, fuel injectors or sophisticated carburetor systems, fuels refined from lower grade crude oils and demands made on small hot running, high revving engines.

PI / QMI Fuel System Cleaner meets these needs. PI / QMI’s highly con­centrated formula brings the utmost in cost effective engine protection and increased fuel economy. With continued use, PI / QMI Fuel System Cleaner provides ongoing preventative maintenance against costly deposit and moisture related driveability problems.

Cleans and Protects

  • Fuel tank and fuel lines. 
  • Fuel pump, fuel injection system or carburetor. 
  • Spark plugs, valves, upper cylinder area and piston rings. 
  • Exhaust system and catalytic converter.


All gasoline and diesel fuel combustion systems and fuel storage and handling systems.


Add 1 ounce per 10 gallons of gasoline (2 oz. per 10 gal. for optimum results) and 2 oz. per 10 gallons of diesel fuel. (To assure proper mixing, add PI / QMI Fuel System Cleaner to the tank before fueling. Double dose first two tankfuls for quicker cleaning and water removal.)

Also available in 55 gallon drums.  Please contact us for further information on this product.

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