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1. QMI Engine Treatment

  • QMI Engine Treatment Quart
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Product Description



Gallon Size purchase will consist of 4 quart bottles

Reduces wear as much as 90%!

Improves fuel economy!

Lasts 50,000 miles or more!


  • Reduced friction and wear
  • Reduced heat
  • Reduced maintenance
  • reduced fuel consumption
  • Protection against corrosives
  • Increased engine life
  • Improved performance
  • Easier starting
  • Longer effective oil life
  • Increased resale value

QMI PTFE Treatment Concept

QMI protects metal-to-metal friction surfaces with fused PTFE treatment, like “wet ice on wet ice,” a substitute wear surface that reduces friction, wear and heat while increasing energy efficiency
and prolonging life and trouble-free operation.

  • After application, the lubrication system carries QMI’s submicron PTFE and SX-6000 formula to friction surfaces.
  • QMI SX-6000 metal preparation chemistry’s surfactants reduce surface tension of gums and varnish on friction surfaces, preparing the friction surfaces for PTFE treatment.
  • QMI’s SX-6000 bonding agents work with mechanical action to fuse micro-thin PTFE treatment onto friction surface high points, providing PTFE protection while allowing surface metal oil flow to continue.
  • Permanently bonded PTFE does not drain with oil. Only honing or abrasives remove the treatment, usually lasting more than 50,000 miles or 1,000 hours in typical use automotive engines, longer in over-the-road or stationary use engines.

Now friction components glide by each other on long-lasting PTFE protection, reducing wear as much as 30 to 90%.

Safe, effective protection

As a manufacturer committed to advanced PTFE treatment technology, QMI/Ever-Wear provides PTFE that suspend easily in carrier oils and pass readily through standard filters. Many years of
product development efforts produced SX-6000, a metal preparation, blending, suspension and bonding formula exclusive to QMI/Ever-Wear, with specialized PTFE especially chosen for higher tensile strength and stiffness, greater fracture resistance and improved flex life strength and life.

Also, QMI treatment utilizes chemically inert PTFE, does not contain chlorine or other potentially harmful components, does not compromise host oil characteristics or component critical tolerances. QMI Engine Treatment is Sequence IIIE tested safe and effective, and meets manufacturers’ warranty requirements.


Internal combustion engines, including gasoline, diesel, propane and natural gas fueled engines, reciprocating piston and rotary engines.
(Small 2-cycle engines with no crankcase oil sump use TrueBrand Small Engine Treatment.)


1. Drain oil and replace filter.
2. Refill with quality oil to capacity less amount of QMI Engine Treatment to be added. (See Usage Ratio below.)
3. Invert QMI Engine Treatment, shake well and add to motor oil.
4. Drive vehicle or run engine immediately for 30 minutes minimum.
5. Leave QMI in engine for 1,000 miles (or 20 hours) or more, until next manufacture’s recommended oil change.
6. Change oil as manufacturer recommends.
7. Retreat every 50,000 miles or 1,000 hours (longer in over-the- road or stationary engines).

Usage Ratio

20% QMI to 80% oil capacity. (1 quart will treat most auto and light truck engines.)

QMI Engine Treatment is a friction surface metal treatment, not an oil treatment. Therefore, in larger engines with reserve oil capacity, add 1 quart for each 3 liters of combustion cylinder displacement.

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